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Rescue Boat Operator

This course will provide the student the skills needed to operate a rescue boat and perform rescue in river and flood situations.  Safety, course philosophy and terminology are covered.  Students will learn how to read dynamic flows for safe travel, along with self and victim rescue in water.  Additionally, pre/post trip inspections of the personnel water craft are covered. Certificates Issued Upon Completion will Include:  State Fire Training, Rescue Boat Operator, Dept. of Boating Safety (self-pace) Students will be required to provide their CA State Fire Training ID number by the first day of class Materials Needed:  PPE: Class III, V or III/V PFD (a few loaners only), wetsuits recommended. Prerequisite:  River and Flood Water Rescue Attire For Course:  Uniforms for 1/2 day classroom first day.  The required uniform for uniformed employees is the response uniform.  The required uniform for co-operating agencies is an equivalent work uniform.  Non-uniformed employees will wear professional attire suitable for outerware and public contact.  Any clothing with rips, tears, ragged, frayed cuffs or hems or with offensive language or pictures is unacceptable.  Caps will not be worn in classrooms.


Fresno County Fire Station 87
4706 S. Drummond
Fresno, CA 93727

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel class 10 days prior to the first day of class, you will receive your full registration amount.